Preapproval Application and Bull/Cow Affidavit
Laura's Lean Beef Company

As a supplier of feeder calves, finished cattle, bulls or cows for the Laura's Lean Beef Company program, the undersigned hereby agrees that he/she will follow the Laura's Lean Beef Company management procedures for producing cattle, bulls or cows that may be offered to Laura's Lean Beef Company in the future, specifically:

  • That in producing steers/heifers, bulls or cows from Laura's Lean Beef Company, the following are prohibited from use:
  • -antibiotics, including ionophores. Some of the antibiotics commonly used with cattle include, but are not limited to: Chlortetracycline, Oxytetracycline and Tylosin. The antibiotic ionophores are also included in this classification and include Monensin, Lasalocid and Laidlomycin.
    -growth hormones, growth promotants or steroids cannot be used in the feed or via implant
    -feeds containing reprocessed animal tissue, fecal material, garbage or food waste

  • Any steers/heifers or bulls receiving treatment with antibiotics will be identified and removed from the program
  • That the animals will be raised in a humane manner, following good animal husbandry practices

    The producer hereby acknowledges receipt of the above Laura's Lean Beef Company Animal Husbandy Guidelines.

    The undersigned agrees with the above, has read the Laura's Lean Beef Company Animal Husbandry Guidelines (above) and wants to be a Laura's Lean Beef Company Producer. (Keep an extra copy for your records.)

  • Bull & Cow Affidavit
    This bull/cow(s): (# of head) has been owned and cared for by the undersigned since its purchase or Birth. The undersigned guarantees that this bull/cow(s) has been born in the United States, and was raised or maintained without growth hormones or antibiotics, including ionophores and other requirements, as outlined above.
    Bull/Cow Back/EarTag No: Sale Date:
    Cradle to Grave: (check) 20 Month: (check)
    Date of Birth: (MO/YR) Length of Ownership: (YRS/MOS)

    >> Bull/Cow(s) MUST be owned at least 20 months or since Birth <<

    Producer Signature: Telephone (including area code):
    Farm Name: (if applicable) Address:
    Producer ID#: City, State, Zip:

    I certify that the above information is accurate and that I agree to the terms of the Vaccination Improvement Program rules and regulations.


    Laura's Lean Beef Company

    1517 Bull Lea Road, Suite 210
    Lexington, Kentucky 40511
    Phone: (859) 299-7707
    Fax: (859) 294-4548